The JICORE Group prides itself on its professionalism and the high level of customer satisfaction that it achieves in the delivery of its projects. Contributing to our growth is the synergy and mutually beneficial partnerships we have entered into with companies with complementary skills.

Jicore Global One Pte Ltd


A Jointly Owned Company by Jicore Group and Global Offshore and Marine Pte Ltd of Singapore.
Outstanding track record for the construction of offshore living quarters and other offshore facilities.



Lumut Lee Marine Engineering

Using designs jointly developed between ourselves and Lumut Lee Marine we have been successful in developing, building and implementing complex water jetting systems and various mooring boats projects.  Lumut Lee Marine Engineering, based in Malaysia, has 25 years experience in building tugboats, barges and all facets of marine vessels in sizes ranging from 5m to 40m long.


Grade One (G1) Shipyard

For the last five years, JICORE Group has been involved with Grade One (G1) Shipyard in building ships for the South Oil Company and General Company for Ports of Iraq. Their impressive and extensive premises; and two lengthy piers allowed us to develop vessels together which gained international recognition.  Lately, We strengthen our relationship by embarking on a joint venture with Grade One (G1) Shipyard to build an additional six vessels, back in 2011-2012.

International Maritime Consultant  (IMC)

JICORE’s latest relationship is with the internationally renowned shipbuilding consultancy and project managers, International Maritime Consultants (IMC).  This association has delivered blueprints which have led to the building of two 60 metre offshore support vessels for River Hawk Fast Sea Frames LLC on behalf of the Iraqi Navy.   IMC is an Australian based Company that provides independent naval architectural and marine engineering consultancy services to a wide range of global clients.  In collaboration with both IMC and Lumut Lee Marine, JICORE Group has built and delivered four offshore lifting hoists of 26 tonnes each for the South Oil Company, a long-established customer.