Exclusive Agencies

Shibata Industrial Co. Ltd.

The JICORE group has agreed with Shibata Industrial Co. Ltd. of Japan to become Shibata’s sole importer and distributer for Marine Rubber Fenders products In Iraq. Shibata Industrial was established in 1923 in Japan, and is now one of the leading manufacturers of marine rubber fenders in the world. Shibata developed the Super Circle Fender, the Rubber Chainer, and Cushion Roller products. Rubber is a high-performance, flexible, and robust material for marine use, and is successfully used in manufacturing hybrid materials. The JICORE Group is proud to assist rubber fenders users in Iraq, including offshore oil terminals, ports, and naval bases, to procure the best quality Rubber Fender products. For more information, please contact JICORE’s office in Basrah, Iraq