Ship Design II

Project Type: Naval Architecture – Marine Engineering
Customer: River Hawk LLC – USA
Product & Services: Ship Design

Project Highlights:

  • Provide design and consulting services for 2 units of 60m offshore supporting vessel with 2 main engines of 2922 HP each
  • The purpose of the OSV’s is to assist in patrol of territorial waters and offshore platforms protection, carry anti-pollution equipment and support anti-pollution activities and scuba diving operations
  • The vessels including its Hull, machinery and outfitting equipment are designed and constructed in accordance with the latest American Bureau of Shipping ( ABS) Rules for Building & Classification of Steel Vessels under 90 Meter Rules, Maltese Cross A1, Circle E, Government Service, Maltese Cross AMS, Maltese Cross ACC, Maltese Cross DPS-1
  • Design is under the survey of Classification Society of American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
  • Ships are to be built at Gulf Island Shipyard in Louisiana, USA