Dredger 6000

Project Type: Shipbuilding and Marine Consulting
Customer: China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC)
Product: Build and Deliver two units of 6000 M3 Hopper Suction Dredger ( Al Kufa and Al Maqal) to the General Company for the Ports of Iraq (GCPI)

Project Highlights:

  • Represented CMEC to Iraq Ministry of Transportation and promoted CMEC in as the Builder and supplier of choice for dredgers.
  • Advised CMEC on Iraq’s specific dredging requirements
    and standards.
  • Facilitate face to face technical negotiations between CMEC and GCPI and achieved agreement on all technical details and design.
  • Facilitated face to face commercial negotiations between CMEC and the GCPI and ultimately achieved the goal
    of getting a contract signed between CMEC and Iraq.
  • Assist CMEC during the design negotiations with the design company.
  • Assist CMEC during the sea trail and dredging trail in China and Iraq.
  • Oversee construction of the dredgers in the shipyard in China and interface with GCPI on behalf of CMEC during construction, sea and dredging trials, and delivery.