Municipal Fresh Water II

Project Type: Municipal Fresh Water – Civil Engineering
Customer: Old Najaf City – Iraq
Product & Services: Fresh Water Pipe Supply and Installation

Project Highlights:

  • Renewal of water trunk from boosting Station to the city which involved supplying, installing, and commissioned at approximately 3060 LM ductile iron pipes of 300mm and 500mm as water main from Hay Al Saad boosting station to the Old Najaf city
  • Supplied 4″ x 4″ water Pumps to supply 250/gal/min with 20 meters and 8″ x 8″ diesel water pumps to supply 250/gal/min with 25 meters minimum head
  • Pipes and fittings were manufactured in China, on behalf of JICORE
  • Project was implemented by JICORE’s engineering team in Iraq