About Us

The JICORE Group has created an outstanding track record of successful implementation of industrial projects in all areas of its expertise. Founded in 2003, we have grown our capabilities beyond civil engineering projects and operational support for the marine industries to include more sophisticated and advanced solutions utilizing the latest technologies. We are leading the way in naval architecture and successfully manage complex land-based projects. The JICORE group delivers solutions on time, reliably and safely which contributes to the high level of satisfaction of our customers.

We understand the need for both quality products and an efficient after-sales service. To this end we have expanded our horizons and entered into alliances with organizations that have the same goals and attention to clients’ specific requirements. JICORE employs highly skilled professional, technical and managerial resources at all our locations. Our main headquarters are in Toronto, Canada; also we have international offices in Malaysia, Singapore and in the Middle East to support our worldwide operations.